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RUR Gift Shop

Unique goods, Palau T's, treats and a tasteful café


RUR gift shop features many unique Palauan gifts, attire with Palauan phrases, health products, crafts and tasty local treats. Many products are designed or crafted by local talent and staff. The gift shop also includes a relaxing café with a tasteful selection of teas, coffees and desserts.

Business hours: 7:30AM〜6:00PM (Mon-Fri w/o Holiday)
Close Sun
Payment: US$、T/C、Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Diners, JCB)
Location: Midtown Koror, in front of Post Office Access: Taxi, BBI bus (evening)


Premium quality dive gear and speciality souvenirs


Overdrive features quality dive gear, bathing suits, rash guards and gifts/souvenirs inspire by Palau's waters. Overdrive features all of your needs to express your personality while maintaining quality gear.

Business hours: 11:00AM〜6:00PM (Close Tue,Thu,Sat)
Payment: US$、T/C、Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Diners, JCB)
Location: Koror Island, behind NECO plaza
Access: Taxi, BBI bus (evening), Pick-up and Drop-off services (Koror Island, Plase ask Tel:488-6591)

White Rock Lily

Dive gear, footwear and convenient items for the water


Dive/snorkel gear, company T-shirts and convenient items for your day on the water. White Rock Lily also has custom souvenirs, soaps and lotions prepared using materials from Palau.

Business hours: 8:00AM〜11:30AM, 1:30PM〜6:00PM everyday
Payment: US$、T/C、Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Diners, JCB)
Location: Palau Royal Resort, Blue Marlin Diving shop Access: Taxi, BBI bus (evening)

WCTC Shopping Center

Palau's #1 supermarket with all the needs for your stay

パラオ最大のショッピングセンター WCTCショッピングセンター

Used by locals and tourists alike, WCTC features a full-size grocery store, drug store, home needs, all-wear clothes, souvenirs, business supplies ETC. Any of your needs for your stay in Palau may be found here.

Business hours: (1F 7:00AM〜10:00PM, (2F)10:00AM〜9:00PM everyday except Christmas and New year's day
Payment: US$、T/C、Credit cards
Location: Midtown Koror Access: Taxi, BBI bus (evening)


Duty-free shop with local souvenirs, clothes and international brand-name items

パレイシア ホテル パラオ DFS パラオ 免税店

Located in Palasia Hotel, this is Palau's only duty-free shop. The shop includes a variety of brand-name clothing from around the world, savory goods, Palauan souvenirs/apparel and alcoholic beverages.

Business hours: 8:00AM〜10:00PM Payment: US$、T/C、Credit cards
Location: Palasia Hotel (and Palau Pacific Resort) Access: Taxi, BBI bus