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Sunset Dinner Cruise

Relax on the ocean to the sunset and stars

Adult $90.00 Child $50.00 From 2 adults
Mon. Wed. Fri. Sun.
About 3 hours

Set out on a boat to a view of the seemingly endless ocean as the sun sets below the horizon. A special buffet dinner will be served along with a variety of beverages. Once dinner is all finished, watch the night sky, the stars, far from the city lights. This is a peaceful and beautiful way to spend the evening with friends, family and loved ones.

Pick-up and Drop-off service (around Koror) buffet-style dinner Aperitif, beer
and drink is included
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Palau Pacific Resort

King & Queen Dinner

A course prepared for royalty up to 2 couples per night

330.00 for couple
i10% service charge applyj
2 groups per a day

A most luxurious meal course prepared in complete elegance. The goal of this dinner is not only to set the best possible mood/atmosphere but to also provide a service that is reflected in its title, The dinner features a modest 7 courses of local and international delicacies.

Taxi or BBI shuttle bus Drink is not included
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Palau Pacific Resort

Palauan Steamboat

Delicious, local seafood, cooked and prepared on a large display

110.00 for couple
i10 service charge applyj

This dinner will serve more than enough quality foods from around Palau and recipes from abroad. The dinner is flavourful, abundant and served elegantly to provide the best possible island dining experience.

Taxi or BBI shuttle bus Drink is not included
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